Google PageSpeed, SEO, UX

Google Pagespeed

Google PageSpeed and web vitals are clear: a relevant site must load fast and not messily. The should be a speedy first contentful paint (FCP), and there should be little cumulative layout shift (CLS). A better user experience means a better search engine optimization.

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Static Site Generators

Static Site Generators

The future of the web seems to be the past, namely static sites produced by static site generators. These effectively remove the database component (or reduce it tremendously) so that websites become much faster and easier to scale. This is not to mention the great impact that PageSpeed and Web Vitals are having on increasing the need for speedier and better user experiences on the web.

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OKRs (Objectives, Key Results)


OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Those two terms show a fundamental relationship (goals are vague and need to be instantiated through measurable key results). However the complete picture of this goal-setting and goal-tracking method is more complex and much more rewarding.

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Monthly Tempo of Change

Gitlab and Telegram

There are two SAAS companies that provide a significant tempo of change worth of emulation: Telegram and Gitlab. Both have large scale and use, and provide monthly updates. This tempo is something that even small companies can emulate and manage. Monthly updates provide discipline and expectations both from customers and endusers, as well as employees and partners.

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What is Notion?

Wikipedia says: Notion is a notetaking software and project management software that is used for note-taking, task management, project management, knowledge management, and personal knowledge management. The app uses databases and markdown pages for use in personal and collaboration work. This is a bit unwieldy, but so is Notion, which does have a bit of ... Read more

AI Writing Tools

AI Writing Tools Jarvis Shortly AI LongShot ScaleNut PitchGround ClosersCopy Longshot WordHero Surfer's Outline Quilbot Nichess Writerbash Broca Replika Basis of Natural Language Model The primary basis is GPT2 and GPT3 (175 billion parameters) with possibly some using GPT Neo (open source, currently 6 billion parameters) from the ... Read more

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